Internet Sales

We will be setting up our own store front, but for now we are selling through a store on ETSY.
You can also make arrangements through our sales staff to configure a board exactly the way you want it and get it shipped out to you.


Standard boards are $85. This includes the board, a 6 foot USB cable for power, and for a limited time it also includes a life time subscription to our date feed service.

If you need a USB power converter to plug into a wall socket, we can include on for an extra $5. Most people have an extra power converter sitting in a drawer form an old cell phone. So if you have one sitting around, why spend the money. The cosmetic style of the converter from us can change at any time. We continually look for low price options to keep our costs down.

Sales Taxes

Our business is located in Peoria, Il. As such, we are required by state law to collect sales tax for local sales and any mail order sales shipped to an Illinois address. The current sales tax rate is 9.0%.

Shipping & Handling

There are a number of shipping options available. To give you an idea of the cost, USPS can reach most states for about $7.00. If you send the sales staff an email with your zip code, we can provide you a shipping quote.